Ajmal Bin Nizam

Analyzing and visualizing data to make better decision and a better tommorrow.

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I love learning, Every day I push myself to learn something new; whether that be about web designing, machine learning, marketing, learning new frameworks, music or miscellaneous facts about the universe.I completed automation engineering from anna university 2020, and done few courses on python ,data science and doing freelance web development and digital marketing since aug 2020

What can i do for you

Take a look at some of the things I love working on.

Web Development

Creating smooth frontend design for your business requirements whether it is in react, plain static page or cms like wordpress. Code written is responsive, mobile-friendly, seo optimised and website will rank its position in search engines.

Digital Marketing

i love booming sales for the client, by using various digital marketing techniques and Social media helps to reach out to a bigger audiencedo furthermore this will increase website traffic; making it boom

Data science

I build models that collect data and generate actionable insights for your business and solve the toughest data challenges to improve operational intelligence and increase business efficiency. Thus integrating it with databases and framework like flask, django.

Skills Expertise


Databases (SQL) - 3

AWS Web Services - 1

Big Data (Hadoop) - 2

Machine Learning

Python - 4

Computer Vision (TensorFlow) - 3

NLP (Spacy / TensorFlow) - 3

Data Analytics

Teaching / Presenting - 4

Statistical Methods - 3

Visualization (Tableau) - 2


VS code



data scientist in kerala




What I've done
web developer in trivandrum

To make a custom made website for an wholesale electric dealer in kollam.

The client had so many requirements and thus website has 4 custom made webpage to showcase their wholesale electronic shop. I also done marketing and introduced some new technologies to thier existing billing method

  • All the previous work i had done was like an medium level but this one was the next level; from consulting the client to fixing a meeting to matching thier expectation
  • I learnt a lot from the client he told me about the whole business, what they have been doing, thier products to be included.
  • The main concern was that the amount he spends for the website must profit him in return
  • So i started from some basic branding and digital marketing. I had started with a basic template then added the brand name slider animation, then with usual css and bootstrap.
  • Thier logo was so poor it had only the font in it, so i created a simple logo with the clients idea to represetn reuse, reduce and recycle
  • For the contact section i used html form submission using google script to deliver data to mail as well as to a google sheet

web developer in kerala

Make an yoga website which must have good ranking, showcasing yoga's essential in daily life and services provide on various yoga aspects in a more visually appealing way than just a notice.

To increase business goals, introducing new technology to a traditional way of teaching yoga and marketing the yoga essentials to get more students.


Learning sass, seo optimization and digital marketing basics

  • The main goal was to grow the business of the talented princy teacher, so we conducted campaigns and awareness of yoga in the lockdown due to the pandemic. Social media marketing was a bit of a down because of the low budget.
  • Modifying a premade Bootstrap theme. Added the following custom elements:
    • Added well written seo based content, both for seo and ease of reading
    • Animated gear icon above navigation menu for a thematic touch
    • Thematic background
    • making a strong social media profile and an web view
python developer in kerala

make my own custom game which improve my programming skills .

  • I was so bored during quarentine and think about my childhood dreams
  • I learnt a lot of python through many tutorials and completed two nptel courses and i was looking forward to do a project and the pygame concept shook me.
  • I just modified simple space invader to my own styled corona game using freecodecamp youtube video and many other resources
  • the main objective was not to copy the whole code, so i customised using various functions, attributes in python, where the loop will restart at a certian point if you dont move and using random module in pygame

digital marketing in kollam

Make a lightweight website for my friend suhail, to showcase thier garments business.

He approached to me asking about a website since i done a personal website and got featured in crossroads, firstly i was confused were to get started or do i have the skills set. so i gave it a try.

  • I started with a theme from w3 layout using vanilla CSS and HTML, and halfway switched to Bootstrap due to their convenient tab-menu system allowing the site to be a one-pager as opposed to making the user load 3 different title in a box when the site is opened. Due to the minimal content, one-page solution really was best here.
  • i customized according to the client requirement, added sticky social navbar, custom service section, i got to learn about the responsiveness and optimization
  • The next challenges was seo, search console, hosting; where i was a noob. i created a special github for hiragarments for a smooth hosting but not fast and domain name from godaddy. linking domain name to github thus cutting the hosting charge

My experience

Higher secondary 2014-2016



BE mechanical and Automaion engineering 2016-2020

Anna university, PSNCET

GPA: 7.4 (out a scale of 10)

Relationship manager at sharechat
Oct 2020-Dec 2020

To manage the relationships and solve queries of sharechat users. Verifying user's profile in the backend.

Freelance web developer
Aug 2020-current

Learning by failing is both a discipline and a philosophy of learning from ones own mistakes and failures

PG diploma in machine learning
Nov 2020-current

ICT academy, trivandrum, kerala


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